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How to Memorize Scripts or Lines

Hi, my name is Aaron Marcus. I’m a full-time Actor and Commercial Model. I’ve been making my living in this business since 1986. Founder of How To Model, as well as the author of How To Become A Successful Commercial Model, I also give workshops throughout the world – from Mexico to Australia and all […]

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Acting Tips to Know When Getting Ready to Go on Set

I told you recently about an independent film that I was cast in, and so, I just wanted to share a couple of quick experiences about it with you that I think you’ll find really helpful and hopefully interesting as well. So the first part that was pretty interesting was we shot it on Sunday […]

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What is it like to be an Actor in a Feature Film

Well this is kind of a little bit of background into the day in the life of an actor. I did a workshop, a really fun workshop in the Philadelphia area on Sunday and late Sunday evening I was being flown down to Atlanta to work on a feature film. I had my script, everything […]

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