Benefits of SAG AFTRA

You might not realize this but, if you are a member of SAG – AFTRA (which is the main union for actors) and you were working as let’s say an extra on a film and they need to use your car, you actually get paid to have your car used in the movie.

Plus, you also get paid to be an extra as well. The reason why they do this is because it’s less expensive for production to essentially rent your car for the day than to actually go to a car rental company and have cars rented. If you’re lucky, you will have your car sitting on the side of the street, and not having to drive it up and down road during the shooting of the scene.

Typically actors are paid around $35 to have their car used. That is just a small thing, but one of the many advantages of being in the Union.

I never tell people whether they should or shouldn’t join SAG-AFTRA. There are a lot of factors involved in that decision but, there are certainly tremendous benefits by being in the Union.

So, if you’re ever called to do some extra work in a film and they do need to use your car, just understand that you will be getting paid for it. Sometimes you will actually be driving up and down the street when they are shooting the scene or sometimes your car is just parked on the side of the street because they have to show cars parked there.