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Model Release Form

Don’t Sign a Model Release Before Reading

Model Release Form At the end of every modeling job, you should be given a contract to sign. It is called a Model Release Form. This is a legal document that helps protect the photographer and advertising agency. There is a lot of basic information in this contract. One part of the release form, has […]

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Multiple Acting and Modeling Contracts

So, normally when I’m about to do an audition at home what I do is, as you can see I’ve got a nice screen behind me, I’ve got a couple of lights to the side of me and I’m about to do an audition as soon as I finish creating this video blog for you. […]

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What is a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

First of all, it’s been an absolutely crazy week. Good crazy, but, I am just spending a whole lot of time working on my new website and I can’t wait for it to be ready and roll it out so that you guys can play with it. It’s going to be really really good, there’s […]

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