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What Emotions and Poses to use at a Go See

I wanted to share with you an interesting experience I had at a go -see in New York a couple of days ago. For this one, I had to make some quick decisions as to what I needed to do in order to give the right look for the camera. Sometimes we have a little […]

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How to Model for a Photographer

This is based on an experience that I just had last week in New York where I was attending a Go-See. All of the models were asked to show a look that was very unclear as to what they were really looking for. The photographer’s assistant asked us to “show a smirk.” I wasn’t really […]

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Why You Should Never Pose For the Camera

It is a funny thing. One of the most common phrases models will hear and talk about is how to pose for the camera. There are these images of models having their hair blown back with a fan, being told how great they are, and how to properly pose for the shot. The reality is […]

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