How to get Cast on a Feature Film

First, let me tell you, there really is no one trick. The reality is, it’s very difficult getting cast in a feature film. I don’t care if you have one word or if you are co staring or staring in a project, it’s hard. There are a lot of people who have to say yes in order for you to get the part. The one aspect that I would like to discuss today and I’ll probably talk about this in some other future video blogs, is you’ve got to listen to yourself.

I know that sounds a little bit weird but, you might get a lot of information from a number of different people about how to approach the character, how to do the audition, how to dress for the part. Ultimately it’s going to come down to you and your decisions. I’m not saying don’t listen to other people, absolutely, listen to what a lot of people have to say, people who you respect but, when it comes down to it, you’ve got to filter out a lot of things and make your own decision as to what you think is best for the audition.

So, here is an example. (I can’t really give out information about this film that I’m going to be shooting soon in Atlanta. At this point I’m not allowed to talk about it until they actually finish the project and soon before it will be released in theatres. The character I was reading for had a very specific description about this characters demeanour.

I had a number of people give me suggestions on how to read it during the audition. I person said that I should read it like another actor who had a similar role in a famous film. The windup was, I didn’t want to do any kind of caricature or try and imitate another actor’s delivery. I had a really good game plan for who I thought this character was, how he should be talking, how he should be looking.

I made very conscious decisions of my wardrobe going into the initial audition and when I went to the call back, the one person who I did listen to very carefully was the casting director. She said something to me that was very clear, she said, “Aaron, I loved your audition,” (because I initially did the audition on tape in my home and then I emailed it to her via the agent) and she said, “I loved your audition, do it the same way, don’t make it smaller, don’t make it bigger, do it the way you did it previously.” And that was information that I did listen to very carefully. Fortunately, I did not listen to quite a few other people who were giving me suggestions on how to read it in a very different way.

So, one of the things I just wanted to share with you is certainly, listen to other people, get ideas but, it’s your call as to how you think this character should look and sound and react. It is really up to you. Go with your own instincts.

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