Salary Expectations for Acting Job

This week I wanted to talk to you about an experience that I am about to have and so this video blog is called, How Much Should You Be Paid Before Accepting a Booking.

Now, of course in some ways that’s kind of a silly statement. Of course you need to be paid well in order to offer your services.  I have a house,  and have to pay the mortgage, I’ve got kids, they like to eat as well as my wife and I, so of course we’ve got to make money. But, quite often I tell people to not worry about the money. And I’m very serious about this is. When it comes time to accepting or turning down a job, don’t worry about the money.

Now, let me just tell you, there are two different philosophies that actors and models have when it comes to accepting or turning down bookings.  I know some actors and commercial models who will only do a job if they’re paid a minimum amount and that’s fine.

It is completely your  decision as to how you run your business. The way that I do it is, look I’m not going to lose money on a job but, some of the most important and some of the best jobs and the jobs that were most helpful to me came from very low budgeted projects. And, what I have always found is that when I’m working, it brings more work. On sets, I am also surrounded by other industry people who I can connect with. This is always a good situation to be in.

The way that I came up with the topic for this blog is because I just read for and booked a low budget feature.  Actually, by the time you read this I should have already shot my scenes.

Before auditioning for the film, I was told by the agent that it was going to be a low budget feature. The agent told me that I would get $175 for the day. They can have me work up to 10 hours. This is a whole lot less than working on a feature film. For a feature film, you’re looking at over $800 for an 8 hour day.

The agent started to tell me why I should still audition for this film, but I quickly told her, that she did not have to convince me.  I want to do it. I just find that when I’m on a set, I’m going to meet other people.  I’m going to work with a director, and I’m assuming things are going to go really well. And, hopefully, the director is going to like my work and keep me in mind for future projects.  I’ll be meeting other actors and who knows; maybe this is something I can use on my next acting reel.

So the point is, the way that I run my business is that I don’t determine whether I accept or turn down a job based on finances. There could be other reasons and I can talk about that in another blog but, it’s not about how much I am being paid. So really, don’t worry about the money and just enjoy the work. I can’t wait to shoot this film. I really hope that it’s a good experience and I will let you know about it after it takes place.