Things to Think about at the Audition

This is a Vlog about apologizing to another actor. I was at an audition recently for a TV commercial and I had to make a phone call at 3 o’clock that same day.

My audition time was at 2 and knew that I would be out of there in plenty of time to make the phone call and I had my watch alarm set for 3pm. So, I go in there, there are a lot of delays and some technical problems with the camera. So, right in the middle of this audition while I am reading with another actor, my watch alarm goes off.

It was very embarrassing and very disruptive. I apologized to the casting director, I apologized to the other actor and actually I apologized to him later as well. I was very embarrassed by it.

So, my point is, when you’re at an audition, make sure your cell phone is off, don’t even have it on vibrate. If for any reason you have set an alarm on your watch, make sure that is off as well. It’s not a good situation to do anything that will disrupt an audition.

I have learned never to have any electronics on during the audition.