What Traits does it take to be Successful in Acting

As you can see I’m not quite as dressed up as I normally am, I’m not really shaven, it’s not like I’ve taken a couple of days off in any way, I just haven’t had to be seen by humans for a couple of days.

As you all know, I’ve been travelling so much for the past couple of weeks, so this week what I’ve been doing is focusing in on getting my new website together. But, I did want to share a couple of quick ideas and thoughts with you.

One is, you’ve got to be PERSISTENT.  You can be the most talented person in the world but, if you’re not willing to work incredibly hard and really do things beyond what you normally should be doing, then chances are it’s going to be really tough to have success in this world.

Here is a perfect example. I mentioned last week that I auditioned online for a film and they’re shooting it in Atlanta. As it turns out, I got the next to the best news possible and that is I got a call back. Basically what that means is the casting director liked what she saw and showed my audition to the director. He liked it and now they both want to see me in person.

So, the director flew in from LA, travelled to Atlanta which is where they’re shooting this film and they wanted to see me in Atlanta. I am about an eleven and a half hour drive, (if you drive straight through to Atlanta). Now I am thinking, do I really want to drive eleven and a half hours each way for a call back?

Remember, a call back, simply means that people liked what they saw but, you’re very far away from booking the job. A number of actors will be called back for this role. Here were some of my thoughts before accepting the call back. I have a lot of respect for the casting director. She is really good and has cast a number of feature films.

My agent also mentioned that whether I book the job or not, it will be really good for the casting director to meet me in person. And what could be a better way than to meet her during a call back. Honestly, I did not need my agent to say that to me, I would have gone anyway.

It took two days to drive down there, and two days to come back home. And, it’s all at my own expense; I stayed in hotels a couple of nights and spent a lot of gas and a lot of wear and tear on my vehicle. The good news is, I booked the job and so it’s going to be a lot of fun while working on this film. I will be shooting a film in Atlanta; it looks like sometime within the next couple of weeks.

So, anyhow that’s why it’s so important to be persistent. Like I said earlier, you can be incredibly talented, but if you’re not willing to go the extra mile, do things that are out of the ordinary, it makes it really tough to have success in this business. So anyhow I wanted to share that with you.

The other thing that I wanted to mention is going to be really cool. I’ve been talking about this for a while where I really want to have a stronger and closer acting and modelling community. I send out information to tens of thousands of people every week and I feel like if I don’t have some kind of human connection then I don’t feel like I can get to know people very well.

So I decided to begin having more online parties. This will allow everyone on my special mailing list to join me and many others online. We can talk and discuss various topics. You will get additional information about my next online event. This is totally free. Make sure you share it with your friends.

The one thing that would be really helpful though is, I would really like it if you would go to my facebook.com/howtomodel page so that’s facebook.com/howtomodel and do me a favour, let me know if there are any specific topics that you would like to discuss. I want to share information that is helpful to you. So, I’d like to find out what you’ve been up to and what topics you want to learn more about.


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