Who Pays for Actor and Model Expenses

Who Pays for Actor and Model Expenses
Who Pays for Actor and Model Expenses
Quite often I am asked about the fees and costs involved when an actor or model has to travel for work.

I will first explain how the payment process works for an actor needing to travel for an audition and a model needing to travel for a go-see.

If an actor decides to market him or herself and or searches for an agent in order to work in a distant market, in most situations the actor is responsible for getting him or herself to the audition or go-see.

In most cases, if the actor or model books the job, then the talent will be considered a local hire and will have to cover their own transportation and hotel costs.

When I am in that situation, I always ask the agent to request that I receive my hotel paid for by the client. It is always a request and not a demand. I would rather do the job, even if I have to pay for a night at a hotel.

If it is a modeling job, I will ask the agent to try and get some type of travel fee paid for by the client. Sometimes I am either paid for mileage, or I receive a flat fee for the travel time. Once again, I only request this from the agent. It is not a demand.

If an actor or a model is booked for a job locally, but the shoot is far from where the agency is located, then the talent almost always will receive some type of additional payment for traveling.

If the actor is a member of the SAG-AFTRA Union (the actors union), and has to travel far from where he or she auditioned for the project, then there are some specific requirements that the producer will have to do for the actor.

This includes airfare, hotel accommodations as well as a per diem, which is a specific amount of money given to the actor each day that is separate from the actual performance fee.

It is always great to get additional fees for travel, but in most situations, when you travel to an audition or a go-see, you will be auditioning with local talent. Unless there are some very unusual situations, the client will only want to hire local talent and not pay for travel expenses.

As I mentioned earlier, I always request the extra money, but I don’t make it a deal breaker. I want to do the job.