Why You Should Never Pose For the Camera

It is a funny thing. One of the most common phrases models will hear and talk about is how to pose for the camera. There are these images of models having their hair blown back with a fan, being told how great they are, and how to properly pose for the shot.

The reality is that models should never pose for the camera. At least not in the commercial modeling world.  Models should look real, and not like a deer staring into the headlights of an approaching car.

What I do in all of my workshops is to show models how to feel real expressions and emotions. Once they are able to tap into those experiences and feelings, then their brain easily tells their bodies what to do. There is no posing. It simply happens naturally.

Imagine you are doing an ad for a lap top. The model might be shown working on a competitors lap top and she is frustrated because it is moving so slowly. Instead of posing, she should be thinking about something that frustrated her. Something that made her upset and angry. Then her body would move in the way that it naturally should. The photographer will be able to capture that look. That is powerful. That type of look is so much stronger than just trying to pose and pretend to be frustrated.

After being cast in nearly 2,000 acting and modeling projects, I can tell you that photographers love working with models can give them believable looks. That way the photographer can simply concentrate on the technical aspect of the shot and not have to drag the look out of the model.

So, get rid of the concept of posing for the camera, and instead concentrate on showing real and believable expressions. This way of creating the needed looks will simply make your photos explode and grab the attention of anyone seeing you pictures.

If you have any questions about this process, I devote 26 pages in my book, How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, teaching people exactly how this process should be done.