Your Agent is not the Enemy

Your Agent is not the Enemy
Your Agent is not the Enemy

A few months ago my New York agent contacted me to let me know that I had a commercial modeling job. The photographer requested me after seeing my photos, so I did not have to attend a casting. I have found that there are fewer and fewer bookings that take place without having to attend a go-see. At least that has been my experience in New York. And, quite often the go-sees are cattle calls, meaning that there are many people attending. In other markets it is easier to get hired for a modeling job directly from your photos, but in the major markets, they really want to see you in person.

Because it is becoming rare to receive a direct booking in New York, it is always very exciting when it happens. It is great to get a call from an agent saying we have a booking for you without having to attend a go-see.

One of the many questions I had for the agent was needing to know who the ad was for, and how the ad was being used. In this case it was being used on a billboard. A billboard, like a poster, is considered a high exposure ad, so we are generally given additional money on top of our session fee.

Models are given extra money for these types of ads because we could be kept from doing ads for a competing product and also for the chance of being seen too much in that particular market.

Instead of receiving a payment by the hour (which is common in the commercial modeling industry), for this particular job, I was being paid a flat fee for the day. I asked how much I would get for the billboard usage, and was told nothing. I was really surprised and was about to question the agent about this. However, she quickly explained to me that the reason for no additional fees was because the ad would only run for one month and that I would be unrecognizable in the shot.

Getting this information helped confirm that my agent is really working hard for me, wants me to get paid as much as possible for every job, and that she is on my side, and not the enemy.

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