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How to Attach your Headshot to Acting Resume

What I want to talk with you about today is how to attach your resume to your headshot. There are a few different ways that people go about attaching their resume onto their headshot. Some people like to simply print their resume right to the back of the headshot. That’s ok if you’re going to […]

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How to Model for a Photographer

This is based on an experience that I just had last week in New York where I was attending a Go-See. All of the models were asked to show a look that was very unclear as to what they were really looking for. The photographer’s assistant asked us to “show a smirk.” I wasn’t really […]

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Memorizing Difficult Words in a Difficult Acting Scene

As I had mentioned to you last week, I was going to be doing a lot of travelling I drove about 1000 miles. I did some workshops in New York which was great then headed up to Vermont to spend some time with my daughter. Tomorrow, I am going to be heading to Southern Virginia […]

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