5 Things You Must Do Before Registering For a Modeling School

Modeling School
Modeling School

Many people have a lot of ideas about modeling schools. Some people will say they are great. Others will say they run scams. Here is the truth. Both comments are true.

I have been hired to give my full-day The Best Way to Get Work as an Actor and a Commercial Model workshop at a number of modeling schools. The people who run these schools work very hard at making sure their students get incredible information. Otherwise, they would not have spent the time and money to bring me and other industry professionals to give workshops at their places.

On the other hand, I have personally heard horror stories about some schools that really don’t care about their students. They simply run a numbers game. Bring in as many students as possible, and they really don’t care about the quality of the education their students receive.

So, how do you know if a school is good and right for you? Do your homework. Investigate. Do research. Here are some ideas to help you decide if a school is right for you.

1. If it is a modeling school and they also say that they can get you work, find out what type of work they find for their students. Talk with a number of students to see if they really did book jobs. Keep in mind, no one can promise you work. The best that you can get from someone acting as an agent is to have them submit you for jobs. It is up to us, the talent to book the job.

2. Read the syllabus. Are these topics going to help you reach your goals as a model and or actor?

3. Find out who teaches the classes. Not that the instructors have to be currently working in the industry, but you definitely want people who have worked in the business.

4. Ask if you can audit a class. Sometimes a school will allow you to sit in on a class to make sure the content is being taught by a real teacher and that the style of the class is one you are going to excel in.

5. Most importantly, use your intuition and gut reaction. If something is not feeling right with you, trust your instincts.