7 Things You Should Do When Looking For an Acting Coach

In some ways, finding a great acting coach is like finding a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. It can be difficult, and there a number of things one must do to make sure you are finding the right person for you.

One way to begin the process of finding the right coach is to contact a number of agents in the area. Ask them who they would suggest as an acting coach. Hopefully, you will get a number of names to begin contacting. If you get the chance to do some extra work on a film, TV show or commercial, I would ask many of the other actors who they would suggest you contact.

Once you find at least four or five acting coaches, then start off by going to their web site. Here are some of the things I would want to see.

1. Are they making unreasonable promises?  For instance, are they promising you work and representation if you study with the?  No one can realistically guarantee you bookings or an agent.

2. Have they worked in the industry for a while, and if so, are you able to see their resume? It is helpful to know what types of work they gotten. There are some very experienced actors, who can’t teach, and there are some people with limited experience in the acting industry, but are master teachers. That is just like some baseball coaches who have made it into the Hall of Fame, but never played in the Major Leagues. So, look at their experience, but don’t use that as a determining factor as too whether you hire them to teach you about the acting world.

3. Not everyone does this, but it is always helpful to read testimonials from previous or current students. It is one thing for the coach to talk about him or herself, and another thing if others praise the coach.

4. I am also interested to know about the success of the students. Now, keep in mind, a coach can give someone incredibly helpful information, but if the student does not use the information or does not practice or work hard at getting better acting skills, then, all of the greatest coaching in the world will not produce students with success. This is why on my web site How To Model, I have a Success Stories Page. I list tons of students who have either read my book, How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, and or have taken a workshop or private coaching session with me, and have signed with agents, booked TV commercials, film projects, TV shows and or gotten commercial modeling jobs.

5. Before you sign up for any class or private coaching session, it is so important that you meet with the teacher. You want to make sure you are comfortable with the coach.

6. I would also ask the coach if he or she has any suggestions on the types of characters you should be auditioning for, or if there are specific areas of the industry that the coach thinks would be good for you. If it is a class and not a private session, I would ask if you could sit in on one or part of one class. This will allow you to get a sense of the feeling of the class, and if you will learning the types of information that you believe you need.

7. Most of all, use your intuition. If something does not feel right, trust your instincts.

If you have any questions about my private online coaching sessions, you can read about what I offer.