Aaron Marcus Bio

Aaron Marcus is America’s Premier Acting and Commercial Modeling Career Coach.

He has been making his living as an actor and a commercial model for over 27 years.

To date, he has been cast in 1,197 acting and modeling projects.

In the early days when Aaron was a full-time college student, he began to work as an actor and commercial model, starting out as a part-time job.

He didn’t know anything about the business or anyone in the industry.   Aaron had to learn and mostly teach himself how to succeed as an actor and commercial model.

His experience showed that learning how to be successful through trial and error can be a very long,  very hard and very expensive process.

Aaron has helped numerous talents achieve success through his informative online workshops, newsletter, seminars and private online coaching. He is the author of How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, now in its 5th edition.

The major reason why Aaron’s information is so special is that he actually lives what he teaches. As a full-time actor, Aaron knows and teaches the information that is needed to succeed in today’s world.

Aaron decided that he wanted to share his career experiences with new aspiring talent.  His goal is to not only give specific information about how

to succeed in the entertainment business, but also to show that one can have tremendous success and lead a “regular” life in an honest and honorable way.

Aaron is also the founder of www.HowToModel.com. You can join him on www.facebook.com/howtomodel and follow him on www.twitter.com/aaronrmarcus