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Your Agent Can’t Get You Booked

I recently had an audition for a film. There were tons of people auditioning for this project. On a side note, it is always amazing to me how many people can talk to other actors right up to the time of their audition and then go in and read. I always separate myself, and find […]

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How to Not Get Nervous

You will learn a great way to handle nervousness. This process will completely change your acting and modelling career. What you will also find is that this approach is universal and is something that holds true with any kind of job in life. It will work if you are an actor, model, sales person, or […]

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Audition Tip for TV Shows and Commercials

I’m going to be creating a series of blog videos, where I’m going to be sharing information with you about an audition I had, rehearsals, the booking, and the shooting of an NBC TV Series that I got. So this first…the first video that I’m putting together is you never know what could happen and […]

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