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How Casting Directors work with Agents and Actors to do Auditions

Normally, people will say, “It’s an audition, I’ll be happy when I book the job,” but let me tell you, you should be incredibly excited when you get the audition and here the reason why. There is an agent that I work with in North Carolina and I had an audition for a feature in […]

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What are Casting Directors Looking for in a Headshot

I was giving a private online coaching session the other day and I was talking with this woman about headshots. And I was explaining to her the importance of creating a very specific look. The kind of areas that’s most easy for one to get booked in. And so I showed her my headshot and […]

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What Emotions and Poses to use at a Go See

I wanted to share with you an interesting experience I had at a go -see in New York a couple of days ago. For this one, I had to make some quick decisions as to what I needed to do in order to give the right look for the camera. Sometimes we have a little […]

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