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How Actors Can Deal with being Discouraged

I want to share something with you today that I really believe will be extremely helpful to you and the title of this video blog is, “Be Disappointed But, Don’t Be Discouraged.” It’s kind of funny how the acting and modelling industry can go. In some ways it’s almost like the stock market, things can […]

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Tips to Prepare for the Modeling Go-See

I recently had a go-see for a pharmaceutical ad, and it had to do with lung cancer. I was sitting around and listening to the photographer talk with the models prior to being photographed. And so I wanted to hear what he was saying just so I could learn, maybe I could prepare, have some […]

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How to Model for a Photographer

This is based on an experience that I just had last week in New York where I was attending a Go-See. All of the models were asked to show a look that was very unclear as to what they were really looking for. The photographer’s assistant asked us to “show a smirk.” I wasn’t really […]

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