Can You Shoot your Auditions from Home?

Many people have asked me if they would be able to record an audition from their home and email it to casting directors.

The answer is yes and no.

There are some exceptions to the rule, but generally, if you wantto audition for film, TV and especially TV commercials in NY or L.A., you have to audition in person. The one area where you could audition for projects in major markets from home, is if you either have a strong connection with the casting director or if the part is being cast nationwide.

Even if the casting director would initially allow you to audition by email, if you get a call back, (that is when you are called back to read again – this time for the director and possibly a number of others who are involved with the project), you will have to pay for all of your transportation costs. You could have multiple call backs.

What Casting Directors Want to See

Casting directors generally want to see you in person. Your audition will typically be better when reading in person. You will have the opportunity to ask a few questions, and the casting director can give you more details about what is needed for the audition.

Now, let me tell you about situations where you can audition from your home.

There are some casting directors in secondary markets (cities outside of L.A., Chicago, N.Y,) who understand that in order to continue getting auditions from different talent, and not just the same ones in their local area, they need to allow actors to email in their auditions.

Audition Shot from Home

Depending on the role, we can be booked, just from the audition shot in our home. There are some very specific rules and guidelines we must follow. With today’s technology, it does not have to be a very expensive investment to be able to shoot, edit and email a really good audition via email.

If you don’t want to spend the money on equipment or learn how to technically create the audition from home, you can probably find someone in your community who offers this service for a reasonable fee.