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Acting Career

Tax Deductions for Actors and Models

Tax Deductions for Models The very first thing I want to say is, take a look at my wardrobe or at least my top, it just kind of looks like a regular kind of fleece, I’m going to save this for another blog later, I’m going to be driving in about .. or as soon […]

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How to Make Acting and Modeling Business Cards

Many times when actors are thinking about the materials they need in order to get work they only think of a head shot. Models on the other hand, always are thinking about a composite sheet as the only product they need to produce. Actors also use acting reels, and voice over talent create voice over […]

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Benefits of SAG AFTRA

You might not realize this but, if you are a member of SAG – AFTRA (which is the main union for actors) and you were working as let’s say an extra on a film and they need to use your car, you actually get paid to have your car used in the movie. Plus, you […]

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