Do not be Late for an Audition or Go-See

One of the real benefits of being a full – time actor and a commercial model is that I get a chance to experience and share my experiences with you on a very regular basis. And I had a really interesting one, pretty recently. And, this one deals with being late. This holds true for both auditions or go-sees or jobs. And I guess the first thing I’d like to say is, don’t be late!  You do not want to be late for anything. However, sometimes the reality is that there are things that are simply out of your control. Sometimes, you can do the best you can and still, you wind up being late.

One of the things that I always do is give myself plenty of time to arrive. Take into account that you could hit unexpected traffic, not be able to find a parking place or get lost, so I build that into my time for reaching a job or an audition or a go-see.

I recently had an audition for a TV show in New York and I gave myself about an additional hour and a half just in case I hit some traffic. As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened and I arrived about 10 minutes later than I should have.

For Union Auditions, we are given a very specific time slot. It is not like a go-see,  (the audition for models) where you can show up at any time they are having the go-see.

If you are ever running late, what you always, always, always want to do, is contact your agent. Do not call the casting director, do not call a photographer if it’s a job, always call your agent, and let your agent handle things. So I texted the agent, let him know that I was running about 10 minutes late.Actually what happened was when I first arrived there, I hadn’t contacted the agent yet because I was hoping that they would be running a few minutes behind schedule and that being 10 minutes late would not be no problem.

But, since when I did arrive they were apparently on a lunch break and I didn’t know if they were still going to be able to let me audition later. So, I contacted the agent and I told him that I would stick around and just wait until they came back from lunch. When they came back from lunch they said “Oh Aaron, you were supposed to be here a little bit earlier right?” and I said “Yeah, I was about 10 minutes late, I really apologize” and they said “no problem just come on in” and I read. The audition went well and everything worked out fine.

So, the key thing to remember is, make sure you build so much extra time in, so that even if you are running late, it’s not going to be a problem. In this case, there are only so many hours that I can plan on for traffic. The other important thing to remember is if you do run into a problem, always contact your agent.