GED Testing for Talent

Sometimes teen actors think that becoming an actor allows them to not have to deal with school. The reality is that if you are a minor and have not graduated from school, you will still need to take classes while shooting a film or TV show.

Tutors are hired and brought onto the set. Depending on your age, minors are only allowed to work a certain amount of hours per day, and also must take time for a certain amount of tutoring every day.

If you are in school, actors need to maintain a pretty high grade point average in order to have a Work Permit and be allowed to work. Some minors prefer to get their GED so they don’t have to spend time taking classes while working on a project.

The GED tests consists of five subject tests which are used for the certification of the person who would have taken and successfully passed the test as achieved an American or Canadian high school skill level.

The term GED initialism has often been inaccurately referred to as “general education degree” or sometimes used as “general education diploma”. The GED trademark however is currently owned by the American Council on Education which actively recognizes the GED tests as “general education development” which have been designed specifically to assess the individual’s proficiency in five subjects including mathematics, science, reading, writing and social studies. Individuals such as aspiring actors and screen writers who were deprived of the opportunity to complete high school or earn their diploma or relative qualification of achievement are able to take the GED in the United States or Canada to achieve a valid certification.

The Testing Service offered by the GED today is provided through the joint venture of the American Council on Education and Pearson and through this collaboration are recognized as the only developer of the GED tests used today. The GED tests are easily available to individuals to be taken on written paper or via computer, however it is required that the individual must take the tests in person and as such cannot be taken online. Upon successful completion, a Certificate of High School Equivalency or similar credential is awarded by the relative administrative bodies to persons who have attained the passing scores.

Although English is recognized at the more predominantly used language test offered by the GED, additional language tests provided by the “general education development” include French, Spanish via braille and even audio cassette. Relative tests and preparations are not only available to career individuals such as aspiring actors but also to incarcerated persons located on military facilities as well as non-United States individuals residing outside of the United States such as U.S. territories and Canada who are eligible for taking the respective GED tests through the London based Pearson PLC testing centers.

Currently there more than 3,500 registered GED testing centers within Canada and the United States of America. Many of these centers used for GED testing are public schools, community colleges and adult-education centers. Students who are located within the densely populated metropolitan areas are provided with the option to chose a location more easily accessible to them.

Registered GED Testing Centers are often located within a controlled environment requiring participants to present themselves in person respective to the specific guidelines and security measures set in place by the American Council on Education.

Potential individual test scores within the GED battery are observed as quite similar to the individual sections of the Scholastic Assessment Test commonly referred to as SAT, and carries a score range of a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 800. Individuals achieving a high score of 800 are recognized as in the top 1% of high school graduating seniors.

The minimum passing score for any taken sub-test is recognized by the American Council on Education is 410 with the passing grade for the combined 5 subjects of the GED as no less than an average of 450. The majority of jurisdictions certified in issuing GED tests including the United States Boards of Education have been observed to recognize similar passing grades as the minimum standards used, however other jurisdictions have been found to set much higher standards relative to the certificate used for passing individuals.

The GED practice exam is designed for individuals to actively prepare for the upcoming GED tests and has been known to include practice tests for Literacy often referred to as Reading and Writing, mathematics, social science and science. Individuals are able to access a number of online websites offering free practice GED tests allowing them to obtain a preview of the technology and content to be included in the next GEd test.

By participating in these GED online practice tests scholars will be able to review their answers and explanation on each of the questions set, confirm the correct answers for the relative questions and view the reasons why the other provided options would be incorrect. Many of the online GED practice tests use what is known as a comparison guide which allows the individual to have a detail understanding of the the assessment of the standard-based skills used in the GED tests. This feature enables the person to view a detailed report on their skills to be used as a guide to address the necessary weak areas of study to improve their possible scores.

Individuals have often been able to successfully pass their GED tests by participating in a number of GED preparation classes. These classes are efficiently structured to assist persons through a network of adult education, GED preparation classes and a range of teachers by grooming them for the individual selective tests. Persons can easily enroll in one of these classes by searching online via a number of websites to find a class nearest to their location. Additionally there are GED online preparation classes which are completely cost free where users will be able to register for a GED test preparation course inclusive of available practice tests geared towards proving the person with the necessary tools required to successfully pass the GED test as the next step to obtaining a college degree or furthering their career.

Many of the online GED preparation test courses are actively designed for individuals often with a ninth grade education level or higher and have been found to be an adequate means for preparation for the GED tests covering a majority of the included test topics while providing the user with a number of helpful hints and renown strategies. Often special consideration is given to GED test topics relative to mathematics through a range of multiple choice questions used to measure the individual mathematics skills and problem solving potential. Questions are generally based on relatively short readings including graphs, charts, diagrams and formulas.

These preparation classes are available to anyone willing to commit themselves to furthering their career, college career or just interested in enrolling in an online course.

Some of the GED online testing centers are:

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