Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe in Preparation of Working with a Film Director

This is the third video that I’m creating. Talking about an experience I had very recently about getting booked for an NBC television series. For this segment, what I want to share with you, it’s actually…it was a very interesting experience.

So, I audition. I got a phone call from my agents asking if I was available for certain days. Once I confirm that, then I finally got the actual booking itself and then, I had to go for a fitting. Now, I don’t live very close to where this is taking place and I happen to have an audition in New York. This was being shot in Philadelphia. I live in Maryland. So it was a pretty crazy day where I traveled to New York, did a quick audition, drove to Philly and I actually had to go to two different places. And so this was a day where I had to get fitted. And then, I had to get approval from the director. And here’s where the interesting part comes in.

The director was working on a new episode, this was his first day. I mean, typically, for a lot of shows they switch directors from week to week especially if it’s a series where people are going outside, there’s a lot of things going on and then they’ll have the next director for the next episode scout locations, help with auditions, make casting decisions. So I went to wardrobe, or actually, I went to hair and makeup first and I can’t give too much away at this point so I’m just going to leave it at that. Normally, you don’t go to make up, but for this particular character it was necessary, I’ll just say that. And so we went there, spent, I don’t know, an hour and a half or so.

And then, wardrobe was in a different location so I had to drive over to wardrobe and that is actually where the, or actually you know what, I got it backwards. I went to wardrobe first, got that all taking care of, and then I had to drive off to hair and makeup. Hair and makeup was located on the set of where they were shooting that day and I’ve got to say, this was the director’s first day of shooting for this particular episode.

So things were pretty chaotic. There’s a lot of things going on. And so basically, I’m just standing there, sitting in a chair behind the monitors waiting for the director to look at me and say “Yes, you look fine everything is great.” or “No, I need to see something different.” And I’m just waiting, and I’m waiting, and I’m waiting and you know, let me tell what the feeling was. It’s kind of like when you’re a traveling to some place, you’re flying to some place and you find out that there’s been a delay in your flight, you’re not taking off for a long time and a lot of times, the first reaction is you’re frustrated, you get angry.

It’s like come on, I just want to get onto the plane, I just want to get there already. And then because I do travel, because I do a lot of workshops, you get to a point where you just give into it and you just say “Look, this is the way it is.” So either you can be angry and start screaming at people behind the counter, who have absolutely nothing to do with anything about this stuff, or you just accept it and go with the flow. And that’s what I did very quickly because, I mean really, what I…in my fantasy, I want to look over to the director and tap him on the shoulder and say “Would you just take one second, look at me, do I look okay?”, “Great, see you!” That was my fantasy, but I also understood there’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of pressure, this director is thinking of ten million different things and my wardrobe, and hair and stuff really was not high on his priority list especially considering we weren’t shooting for about four days after that.

So basically, I just stayed very calm, sat, watch the monitors. It was nice getting a chance to get a feel for the series ’cause it hasn’t aired yet. It won’t be airing until the winter of next year, so I just sat and relaxed, took it all in and when there was a break, they finished shooting a certain segment, there were getting ready to break for dinner, they brought me over to the director, I mean, he had seen me, but he didn’t have a moment to really sit and concentrate to really look at things. And then, he looked and he had a couple suggestions for the makeup person and then that was it. And I probably spent, I don’t know, four and a half hours just waiting for the director to look at me and say “Yes, that looks okay.”

But the important thing is, sometimes you just have to go with the flow, just give into it, don’t fight it and, you know, certainly I could have been obnoxious about it, I could have had a tantrum but, you know, that’s silly, it’s not in my best interest, it’s ugly and it’s not my nature, and it’s also just not a good way to do business. So I hope you enjoy this information and I’ll be able to share some more things with you, just about the experience of working on an NBC TV show.