How Actors Can Deal with being Discouraged

I want to share something with you today that I really believe will be extremely helpful to you and the title of this video blog is, “Be Disappointed But, Don’t Be Discouraged.” It’s kind of funny how the acting and modelling industry can go. In some ways it’s almost like the stock market, things can go really well, and then things can just kind of hit rock bottom. But, like the stock market typically things rebound after a period of time as long as you do things in a really smart and intelligent way.

I just wanted to share a couple of quick experiences with you, let you know how I dealt with them and what happened as a result of my actions. This happened to me about two weeks ago and it’s so weird. I really don’t understand this and I’m not exaggerating, there were literally five auditions that were all shooting on the same day. I had already been booked out for the audition and shoot date.

I had planned a family trip that I would not cancel or postpone, so I had to turn everything down. It was so crazy, every time an agent would call it was for day I was not available for either the audition of shoot date.

As a free-lancer, it is tough to turn things down, and having five things happen on the same day, it was just nuts.

The other tough situation was that I recently had a couple of go sees in New York. Typically it can take me anywhere from three and a half to four and a half hours each way to attend. If I am not already booked out, I always attend. Even though I might only be in New York for literally 15 minutes, I have learned that if you want to work in New York and you  want the agents to continue to call, then you have to show up for go-sees.

While attending my last go-see, I asked the photographer what he was specifically looking for.  I knew they were casting a doctor, but I needed to know what type of emotion was desired. He said that he needed me to turn my back to the camera and he was going to shoot the back of my head while I was tying on the doctor’s mask.

That was it! They were looking at the back of my head and I’m thinking, well, what kind of personality does the photographer need here?  What kind of emotions would he like to see the back of my skull show?  Since I did not book the job, I guess the back of my head did not fit what they were looking for. On my way home I was just thinking, man, sometimes this is a crazy business.

So, the other go-see was just a couple of days ago. I went back to New York and after walking into the photographer’s studio, I learned that the shoot date had been changed. Unfortunately, I was not available for the new shooting date. I had already arranged workshops for the new shoot date, so I would not be considered for this go-see. I am always glad to be seen by new photographers and hopefully be thought of for future projects. But, I knew that I had no chance of booking this one.

But, here’s the interesting thing and that’s why I was saying earlier, be disappointed but don’t be discouraged, because here are a couple of things to keep in mind. For both go-sees, I got a chance to hand in a comp card to some really good photographers. They also got a chance to interact with me as well. That is always helpful. It is like making a deposit in the bank, one photographer at a time. The other positive thing that came out of attending the go-sees was to run into an actor who I hadn’t seen for quite some time. He moved to New York a few years ago, and he told me about a great agent I was not familiar with.

So, even if I do not book either job, there were some very positive things that took place because I attend the go-sees

So, anyhow, when things are tough for you, I would never say, don’t feel bad or disappointed. We’re humans, and it is OK to feel bad, but, don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. Remember,  it’s like the stock market, as long as you keep doing things prudently and in an intelligent way, it seems like things always seem to work themselves out.

So, anyhow, just wanted to share that with you and offer a little encouragement.

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