How Do Actors Find Auditions and Jobs

How Do Actors Find Auditions and Jobs
How Do Actors Find Auditions and Jobs

There are many ways that actors can learn about auditions. The easiest way is for an actor to have representation with an agent, and have the agent contact the talent about upcoming auditions. Typically, an agent is going to know a lot more about projects happening in your area than anyone else.

In larger markets, agents subscribe to the “Break Down Service.” This company emails information about many types of projects to any industry professional who subscribes to this service. Types, ages, ethnicities and other vital information about the various characters of a new project is sent to the subscriber, and in turn, the subscriber (agent or manager) will contact their talent about the project.

Even though it is always best to have an agent tell you about a project, I also tell those taking my workshop that it is really important to also market yourself and not just rely on one’s agent. There are many ways an actor can do research and learn about future projects on their own.

One quick way to see if there are any films being shot in your area, is to simply visit your states local film commission web site. There are over 40 states that have a film commission. The web site will list TV shows or films being shot in the area, and sometimes will also list who is doing the casting for the film or TV show.

Actors can also contact their local Chamber of Commerce and get a listing of advertising agencies in their area. The art and creative directors at the ad agency are the people who sometimes cast the actor for the TV commercial or radio spot, and the talent for the commercial modeling job. Actors can also search for other local advertising agencies near their home.

The key thing to remember is that even with having a great agent and knowing how to market yourself well, still, people need to have the right materials (at least a head shot and composite sheet – for modeling) if you want to get work.

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