How do Actors work with Writers and Directors

I was cast to shoot a feature film. The night before the shoot, I got some re-writes to my script. My lines completely changed. So, as I’m flying to location and I spent a few hours on the plane memorizing my lines. I had to figure out how to play the new lines and I had some questions about some of the changes.

I wasn’t sure exactly who would be the best person to talk with  about my questions. I did not get to bed until 12:00 AM, and I had a 6 AM pick up time to get to the set. While I was sitting in the van with the stars of this film I told one of the actors that I had some questions about my lines, and asked him who he would recommend I talk with after arriving on the set.  He suggested that I talk with one of the film’s writers. He told me that he would find one of the writers and introduce him to me.  I was very appreciative of his generosity.

So, we got off the van, and he walked me over to one of the writers. As I was beginning to ask him a question he stopped me and said, “You know, that’s not really a question that I should be answering, that’s really a call for the director.” I thanked him and asked him if now would be a good time to talk with the director.

He told me that since the director is really swamped right now while getting ready for today’s shoot, it would be best if I just asked him my questions when I got to the set.

I really wanted to talk with the director earlier, so I had more time to prepare for the changes, but I also knew that I should be listening to the writer. And, that’s exactly what I did. When I walked onto the set, I asked the director if I could ask him a few quick questions.

He was great and answered everything for me. His information was very helpful. It allowed me to completely understand the best way to read the new lines.

So, if you ever have questions about your script, I would suggest that you try going to one of the writers first (if you can find them on the set) but, perhaps going to the director is really the best way to do it.

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