How Extra Work Can Get You a Principal Role

I know there are some actors who won’t do extra work and I completely understand that. But, I did want to share with you a way that extra work can actually get you a principal role on a project.

There is a television series that’s being shot right now, and I’ve gotten cast as an extra, but I am in a core group.

Basically what that means is the show deals with political topics and I am a one of a number of staffers. So, they want to see similar faces all the time. I have worked on the TV show a number of times and actually it’s been a great experience.

It’s a fairly small group of us so I get a chance to listen to the director, watch the actors and I also had the opportunity to interact with the producer and some of the writers.  Recently, there was a scene where one of the staffers had some lines.

They chose a few of us to audition for the part. I haven’t heard yet whether I booked it or not, but whether I get it or not, it doesn’t even really matter.

The point is, here I am doing some extra work and I’m also being considered for a principal role.

So, if you do get the opportunity to do extra work, one of a few things could take place. Sometimes you are going to be one of thousands of people in a stadium scene in which case, you might not learn that much about the actual production. Still, you will get a chance to network with other actors.

But, especially if you are a regular and you’re one of a small selection of people who are working over and over again, there is a possibility that you could be given lines on the set, or get a call to audition for an upcoming episode.

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