How to Attach your Headshot to Acting Resume

What I want to talk with you about today is how to attach your resume to your headshot.

There are a few different ways that people go about attaching their resume onto their headshot. Some people like to simply print their resume right to the back of the headshot. That’s ok if you’re going to be only doing a few head shots at one time. Let’s say you’re going to be at an event, and you’re going to be handing out 10 or 20 headshots, that would be perfect.

You just want to make sure that none of the text bleeds through the headshot. Occasionally, I have seen the words from the resume bleed through the actor’s forehead. That’s not a real good look for the headshot. But, if you’re going to be doing a lot at one time which some people do, that could be problematic.

Because, if you print out 50 resumes onto the back of your headshot and you get a new booking and you want to update your resume, you’re kind of stuck. Or, if you take a new class and you want to add it to your resume, they you’re going to be tossing out a lot of headshots. So, it’s not real economical if you’re going to be doing a bunch of them at one time.

Some other people like to take a glue stick and just glue the resume to the back of the headshot, I don’t like doing that. It can get very messy. Sometimes the paper gets wrinkled and the resume can get separated easily. Some people will use an adhesive kind of paper and they just attach it to the back of the headshot and once again, it just seems hard to line up that way. This method can also can get a little bit expensive because that paper is a pretty costly.

Some people like to staple the upper left or right hand corner of a resume and that way, their theory is that way if they are at an audition and somebody wants to make a note, they can just lift up part of the resume and make a note on the back of the headshot. I’m not crazy about that way either. I know a lot of people do it but, I just want to make sure that the resume stays attached really well to the back of the headshot.

The way I like to attach my resume to the head shot is to staple all four corners. The key thing to remember when you’re doing this is that you don’t want to staple any text or any part of your actual head shot. By doing it this way you know that it’s going to stay in there nice and firmly.

Another reason for doing this is so if you need to update your resume, you can simply take the staples out, pull the resume off, and attach the update resume. You won’t have to throw a good head shot in the trash.

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