How to Create a Powerful Commercial Modeling Portfolio

How to Create a Powerful Commercial Modeling Portfolio

Commercial Model Portfolio

Most people never reach their goals and dreams in the commercial modeling industry. This is not because of their looks, talent or skills, but instead, people generally don’t have the success they desire due to lack of information about the modeling industry.

Most models walk into a photographer’s studio and ask what types of photos they should take. Quite often the photographer will take some very pretty and technically wonderful photos of the model.

But, quite often they are not the types of photos that will necessarily get them representation or work. If you have a commercial look, then you need strong commercial photos.

It is so important that people understand what type of look they have, and what type of ads they will be seriously considered for. If you have the “girl next door” type of look, then you don’t want to create sexy or fashion oriented photos. If you are a guy and you don’t have a strong, rugged, handsome look, then don’t try and create those types of shots.

What people need to learn is what their strengths are, and focus on them. Don’t try and place a round peg in a square hole.

I happen to look like everyone’s next door neighbor. I am the guy you like, the teacher, doctor, helpful lawyer, counselor, etc… I don’t try and create photos that are not in those types of areas.

Once again, use your strength, whatever that strength is. And, to prove my point, as of today, I have been booked 1,191 times.

One way of trying to figure out your type is by going through a lot of non-fashion magazines. When you see an ad that you can honestly see yourself doing, then make a copy of the ad and use it as your blueprint for your photo session. Doing this research will help you decide what type is right for you.

Along with looking at the ads to find your type, you also will want to look at the location, props and emotion used by the model in the shot. Basically, you want to create a photo for your portfolio or your agent’s web site that actually looks like an ad. Do not pose just for the camera. You want to create around four photos that each show a different type of emotion and expression.

By showing a variety of looks, photographers as well as art and creative directors at the advertising agencies, as well as the clients (who the ad is for) will find it much easier to see you as the best person for the shoot. If you only show one specific smiling look for all of your photos, then that is the only look they think you can offer. Having a wide range of looks, makes you much more marketable.

So, your goal is to make your photos look like ads, and show a wide variety of expressions and emotions.