How To Get the Right Acting Role with the Right Headshot

It’s really important to know when is the right time to put together a new headshot. And actually, there are a few factors involved.

Number one, if you are beginning to change, you are just at the very beginning stages of looking a little bit different. Without a doubt, you need a new headshot.

Number two, If you’ve made any drastic changes to yourself: you cut your hair very differently, you’ve gained a lot of weight, you’ve lost a lot of weight, you just don’t look like your pictures anymore, you need a new headshot.

Number three, The other time too, and sometimes people don’t consider this, but if you find that you were interested in working and trying to get jobs in other types of roles then what your headshot is indicating, then it’s also time to get a new headshot; and that’s why sometimes, actors will have two or three different headshots.

This allows them to use different looking head shots depending on the audition they’re having. In that way, their agent or they can submit different headshots that are more specifically geared for the roles they’re auditioning for.