How to Make Acting and Modeling Business Cards

Many times when actors are thinking about the materials they need in order to get work they only think of a head shot. Models on the other hand, always are thinking about a composite sheet as the only product they need to produce.

Actors also use acting reels, and voice over talent create voice over reels.

But, here’s something that some talent don’t really think much about and this one item could potentially have you lose out on making an amazing connection or even possibly acting and modelling bookings. This very important item that all talent need is a sharp and creatively written business card.

Now there are many different reasons for having a business card. Everyone should always  carry one around with them at all times, because you never know when you’re going to run into somebody who could potentially be helpful to you.

I’ve been in all kinds of situations from supermarkets to sporting events, on airplanes, or if you’re just talking to somebody and  you find out that they are involved or they know someone in the business. That is when it is so helpful to be able to hand them a well-produced business card.

So, I am going to share with you a great way to create your card. My card might be a little different than others because I want to be able to promote two things. I want to be able to share with others the fact that during the week I am a full-time actor and commercial model. Then on weekends, as you know I do lots of workshops and online coaching. So, my card  needs to be able to promote both aspects of my work.

To accomplish this, I decided to have one side of the card my head shot and short bio, some of the bigger projects I’ve been cast in and all my contact information. On the other side I have information about my book and workshops. If you only want to promote acting and modelling, you can devote one side of the card to each aspect of the business.

The other really key thing to keep in mind when you are putting your business card together is to make sure that you have a photo. You want a really good head shot. Make sure that whatever printer you decide to go with, it’s a really sharp clean reproduction. Also make sure that the text is easily readable.  I’ve seen a lot of business cards where I need to squint in order to read anything.

I have even seen cards where the font is almost impossible to read.  I would suggest an easy to read font like Arial or Times New Roman, so people can easily see your information. It is always better to have less information that is readable, than filling the card with lots of text but making it hard to read.

The printer I have used for my last two sets of cards (I’m not getting any kind of financial rewards for this) is a company called U Printing. You can go to their website and see their prices and their work. I think they’re work is really good.

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