How to Not Get Nervous

You will learn a great way to handle nervousness.

This process will completely change your acting and modelling career. What you will also find is that this approach is universal and is something that holds true with any kind of job in life.

It will work if you are an actor, model, sales person, or whether you’re a doctor or student. It doesn’t make any difference. It is all about how you deal with it so, here are a couple of quick ideas:

One thing to keep in mind, most people get nervous. They might not admit it but, the fact is when you are auditioning for something it can be really nerve racking.  I just auditioned for a TV show last week and had a call back. During the call back I was reading for the casting director and the director of the episode.

I was nervous. How could I not be nervous? But, here’s the thing, sometimes people will say to you, “Don’t be nervous, don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine,” That’s easy for other people to say but, you’re the one who’s actually doing the audition. The funny thing about this is, not only do I not think it’s bad, I actually think it’s good when you’re nervous.

Because, when I get nervous, I feel a lot of energy flowing through my body. The trick is, learning how to harness that energy and use it in a positive way.

Here is one of the things that I do that really helps me tremendously when I am feeling nervous going into an audition. I think about my goals for the audition. My number one goal is not booking the job. Not having the thought of booking the job as my number one goal, helps take some of the pressure off of me during the audition.

My synapses are firing and there’s energy flying through my body, which gives my audition more life. But, its harnessed energy and I’m not going into the audition feeling desperate, feeling like, “Oh, I’ve got to get this thing, I really want this thing.” What I do have as my number one goal is enjoying the process.  I want to enjoy and have fun during the audition.

I want the opportunity to play with the character and when I’m feeling that way, the people who are watching me whether it’s the casting director or the director, they’re not seeing somebody who looks desperate or needy. Instead, they’re looking at somebody who is feeling confident. So my number one goal is to have a good time and allow that energy to spread throughout the entire room. That really helps reduce tension and nervousness.

My second goal is to learn from the experience. Sometimes I walk out of the audition and I feel like I did everything I wanted to do and it was a good day at work. Sometimes I think that I really wish I would have done something else. I’ll make a note of it and try to incorporate that in my next audition.

The third thing is, if I happen to book the job, that’s just icing on the cake, but that’s not my number one goal. The same thought process should be running through your mind if you are talking to a potential customer while trying to sell them a computer. If you’re number one goal is making the sale, people will feel it and respond in a negative way. If you’re number one goal was to enjoy yourself during that process, it will help relax people and it will take some of the pressure off of you as well.

So, the key thing is when you are going into an audition, sometimes you do want to help get rid of some of the extra nervousness, sometimes I will shake my hands, sometimes I will jump up and down a little bit prior to going in there just to release some of that nervous energy but, when I go into the audition I don’t try to squash the nervousness, I just embrace it, I use it, I feel that it brings more life to what I’m doing and most importantly, enjoy it and that’s how you will have your most success.

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