How to Prepare for your Audition

So, here are the two, I don’t know if I would say the most important but, really important things that you need to do whenever you get a phone call about auditioning for a film or a TV project.

So, let’s start with TV. If you’re auditioning for a show that’s currently on TV, you’ve got to watch the show, you’ve got to be really familiar with the show, you need to know the characters of the show, you need to know the style of the show and the pacing of the show.

What I mean by that is, there are some television shows where people talk very softly, very slowly, it’s very deliberate and there are some shows where people talk very very quickly and its rapid pace and people are talking back and forth like this all the time. You need to have that information because when you go in to do the audition, if you’re reading it in an incorrect style; you’re not going to be considered for the part.

If you are auditioning for a feature film, one of the questions that you have to ask your agent is, “who is the director?” The reason why you need to know who the director is, is so that you can read about the director, you can also find out what films the director has directed. This will give you a better sense of the type of film that person likes to work in.

What you can do is, go to, Internet Movie Database and just type in the directors name and you will see a list of movies this person has been attached to. Then you can go to You Tube and watch some clips of these projects. You don’t have to go out and rent every movie this person has done, you can just go to You Tube and see clips just so that you get a sense of the director’s style.

A really good example of this is, and this is a number of years ago when I auditioned for a film that was directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan who did the Sixth Sense and many other films. I was very familiar with that style and so when I did go into read I knew that everything was really very internal, nothing big, nothing over the top, very secretive, that was the style. And as it turned out I did get a call back and I had a chance to read with M. Night Shyamalan which was pretty cool. Unfortunately I didn’t get the part but, that’s what you want to do.

So the two most important things, if it’s a TV show be very familiar with the show, watch a lot of episodes and if it’s a feature film, make sure you’re familiar with the directors work.