Memorizing Difficult Words in a Difficult Acting Scene

As I had mentioned to you last week, I was going to be doing a lot of travelling I drove about 1000 miles. I did some workshops in New York which was great then headed up to Vermont to spend some time with my daughter.

Tomorrow, I am going to be heading to Southern Virginia to audition for a feature film. Then I’ve got a another film that I’m going to be auditioning for in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday and then Friday I’ve got a call back for a feature film in Atlanta.

Then I’ll be heading back north so, it will be another 1000 mile week. I wish I could get some free frequent flyer miles for driving but, unfortunately that is not the case.

There are two things I want to share with you today. One of the topics involves having auditioned for a TV show last week. I don’t know about you but, for me one of the most difficult things to memorize besides when the words are just complicated is when there are just a few lines, but they are not part a conversation.

There have been times where I had a few lines that started a new discussion, but was not part of a dialogue with anyone else.  The lines seem to just pop in out of nowhere, with very little to no interaction with the other actors. I find those really tough.

When you are talking with another actor in a scene, you can really understand what they’re saying to you. You know what you have to say and how to react to them. But, when your lines seem to be part of their own universe it can feel very unnatural.

So, I figured out something that I wanted to share with you that was incredible for me. I was a music major in school and I performed music and toured for six years. So music and rhythm, is something that comes pretty naturally for me. So, what I did was this.  I decided to sing the words to myself.  I don’t really understand why it worked but, as soon as I sang it, the words just happened to come out sounding very naturally for me.

I wanted to let you know about this so, if you ever run into a script that is tough for you, maybe try signing the lines at first. Give it a shot, see what happens. You just might find that it flows off your tongue. I also found that I was able to memorize the script much quicker by singing it as well.