Multiple Acting and Modeling Contracts

So, normally when I’m about to do an audition at home what I do is, as you can see I’ve got a nice screen behind me, I’ve got a couple of lights to the side of me and I’m about to do an audition as soon as I finish creating this video blog for you. I just wanted you to see what it looks like, so you can get a sense of what a good, online audition at home should look like.

I’ll talk a bit more about those things at another time but, what I wanted to talk with you about today is multi listing with many agents. This is a topic that I would probably spend 20 minutes with anybody I am doing a private coaching session with but, I only have a couple of minutes here so I’m going to give you the most important aspects of whether it is good or not helpful for you to multi list with a number of agents.

One of the first things you want to be thinking of, because there are a lot of factors to be considered is how much time do you have to devote to acting and modeling. If you are a full – time student or you have a full – time job, you probably don’t have that much time to free-lance with multiple agents. If you don’t have that much free time to pursue acting and or modeling then finding one agent that you really like and want to work with is a smart thing to do.

If you are somebody who is trying to pursue acting and or modeling on more of a full – time basis, or if you have more flexibility with your job, that will easily allow you to attend auditions and go-sees, and you want to work in a variety of markets, then as long as your contract allows this, I would look into multi listing with other agents. Some exclusive contracts still allow talent to work in markets other than where they are living. It is very important to make sure you fully understand the contract before you explore multi listing.

I can tell you that multi listing with agents in the same market, is very complicated. For  most areas, I don’t recommend doing this. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do it but, it can get very tricky because quite often one agent is going to get the exact same breakdown for a project that another agent down the street is getting.

When 2 or more agents submit the same actor for the same project, then the casting director will not know which agent to use for the actor. For some casting directors, if an actor does get submitted to them by more than one agent, they will simply not consider bringing in the actor to read for the part.  So, if you do have multiple agents, make sure that when you are submitted you designate one agent for that particular casting director.

So basically, it’s up to you to decide if you would like to try to find agents in various markets, and there are many ways of finding one. One of the things you can do is go to my website.

I don’t recommend any of the agents there, I simply give you the information, then it’s up to you to go to their website and really learn about whether this agent is right for you. In my book How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, I have an entire chapter devoted to agents. I offer a list of questions that you want to ask to make sure that you’re getting certain answers from the agents before you decide if you would like to work with them or not.

So anyhow, like I said it’s a very complex kind of question but, there are some very specific answers to it depending on your situation.