Never Apologize After an Audition

Read For a Part
Read For a Part

I was very fortunate to have been asked to be a reader for the audition of an independent feature film. In case you are not familiar with what a “reader” does during the audition let me tell you.

When actors are brought in to read for a part, quite often the casting director will have someone read the lines of the other characters back to the actor auditioning. It is an incredible experience. Not only does it give someone the opportunity to make a great connection with a casting director (which could lead to further auditions), but it is also an amazing learning experience.

Being a reader is a great way to watch and listen to other actors read their lines. You will hear the same lines read over and over again by different actors. You will be able to see and hear what ideas work, what ideas are not very good, how other actors present themselves at the audition and even what the casting director thinks of the various auditions, why he/she liked an audition, and why certain auditions did not work.

As a reader, I saw a few actors apologize after their audition. The actors did not simply come out and state, “I am really sorry for giving such a horrible audition,” but they did infer those thoughts in more subtle ways. And, even though it was not a blatant apology, their subtle actions were just as detrimental to their chances of booking the job.

I saw a few actors who apparently did not like their audition, lower their head after they were done, and quietly said “I’m sorry” as they walked out of the casting studio.

It was a shame that was how they ended their read. The casting director actually told me that even with some mistakes that were made during the read, she actually liked the read. But after hearing the apology she decided that perhaps the audition was not quite as good as she originally thought.

The point is, not matter how poorly you believed your audition went, always, always, always, walk out of the audition with your head held high. You should leave the audition like you just gave the greatest performance of your life. Leaving a strong and positive impression with the casting director can only help your career.

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