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Modeling Opportunities for Teens

Quite often I am asked how young can someone be to get started in the modeling industry. In the fashion world every agency works differently. But, the fashion world is a young person’s game. One has to have already had success by the age of 21 if they are going to have a career in […]

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Make a Living Doing Extra Work

People are always talking about ‘Should actors do extra work? Should they not do extra work?’ And that is partially a personal question, and actually it can be a business type of question as well. I can tell you that if you’re living in the Los Angeles area, most of the agents that I know […]

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GED Testing for Talent

Sometimes teen actors think that becoming an actor allows them to not have to deal with school. The reality is that if you are a minor and have not graduated from school, you will still need to take classes while shooting a film or TV show. Tutors are hired and brought onto the set. Depending […]

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