Resume for Modeling Jobs

There’s been a lot of talk about modeling resumes and I’ve seen questions about: how do you create a modeling resume? Do I need a modeling resume? What does a modeling resume look like? Well, here’s the interesting thing. Everybody knows about acting resumes and there are very specific formats that go into creating the right kind of acting resume. For modeling, the fact to the matter is, there is no such thing as a modeling resume. Models don’t use resumes.

Now, I know, that sometimes people going to a convention or an event, sometimes they will list some of the modeling jobs they’ve had simply so that when they are meeting some commercial modeling agents or maybe some fashion agents, they can let them know some of the work that they’ve done.

But outside of that, and when you’re in the real world of trying to get work as a model, there is no such thing as a modeling resume. What is crucial and what’s most important are your photographs.

What do you look like or were you able to capture different expressions and emotions? Are you able to show things in a believable way? They really don’t care whether you’ve done a thousand jobs or zero jobs. What people do care about in the modeling world is how you look photographed.

So if you’ve ever had concerns about not knowing how to create the right kind of modeling resume, don’t worry about it, because there is no such thing.