Tips for How to Make a Kid’s Acting Resume

I just got off the phone with somebody who took one of my workshops. She and her two kids moved from the East Coast to Los Angeles, so her kids could try to break into the L.A. market.

They are having some real success which is always so nice to see. One of the topics I generally cover in my workshops is how to create a strong resume if you are just getting started and have not done much in the industry.

During our phone conversation she was telling me that her children’s agent had some very specific ideas about what was needed on the resume. So, I thought it would be great to share with you some of the resume advice both I and her kid’s agent suggested for the resume.

Even though they didn’t have much in the way of experience, one thing they did have was really good training. They began to study with some really good acting coaches in L.A .as soon as they arrived.

What both the agent and I suggest is, even if you don’t have a lot of experience, if you can at least show that you’ve studied with well-respected people, people who are known in that particular market, that can really help open up the doors and allow the casting directors to feel more comfortable in bringing you in for an audition.

People understand that you have to start somewhere, but if you at least have had some great training, people will feel more comfortable to see you.