Tips to Prepare for the Modeling Go-See

I recently had a go-see for a pharmaceutical ad, and it had to do with lung cancer. I was sitting around and listening to the photographer talk with the models prior to being photographed. And so I wanted to hear what he was saying just so I could learn, maybe I could prepare, have some ideas of what I want to do before I was shot.

And one of the things that he was asking for was to have the model look concerned. And so I thought that was very interesting, but it didn’t really tell me what I needed to know. I realize this has to do with lung cancer. It’s a pharmaceutical thing. I could guess what the concern was about, but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure. So I asked right before I was photographed, what was the reason for me being concerned.

Did I find out that I was diagnosed with lung cancer? Am I concerned because I’m feeling symptoms but don’t know if I have lung cancer yet? I asked for this information because each scenario will have very different looks.

He gave me some very specific information and I was able to process it quickly because…well, I wrote the book “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model”, where I teach people how to prepare before the session, so I knew exactly what to do with keywords to use, to grab the emotions that were needed in the shot.

I have no idea, if I’m going to book the job or not but at least I know I gave the right kind of look. I quickly prepared in the best possible way, and I gave myself my greatest opportunity for getting the booking.

So when you’re on the set and they’re asking for a certain kind of emotion, don’t be afraid to ask the photographer. Sometimes they don’t have the answer, in which case you just have to make a decision on your own, but always ask. It will be very helpful to you.