Travel for Acting and Modeling Work

Many years ago, I decided that I did not want to live in Manhattan.

I wanted to work there, just didn’t want to live there. I thought it could really be a great place to work, but I didn’t want to raise a family there. I wanted to live in a smaller environment, have a house with land, and things like that.

So because of that decision that meant that I would have to commute to New York.

Whether, it’s an audition, a go-see or a job, I would have to travel there. And generally, it’s my responsibility to pay and to make sure that I’m there. So throughout the years, I’ve tried it many, many different ways – sometimes by train, sometimes by driving, sometimes a combination of the two, and sometimes I take a bus. There’s a bus called the Megabus, there’s a Boltbus that runs primarily on the East Coast.

And I’ve learned a lesson that I wanted to share with you. Typically, the further in advance that you purchase a ticket, the less expensive it is. And what has happened to me a couple of times recently is purchase the ticket, maybe 3 or 4 days ahead of time, and then the day before I’m supposed to travel, either the audition gets canceled, the job gets cancelled or maybe the go-see does not happen.

And sometimes I have booked a job in another area for that particular day and I have to cancel.

And unfortunately, you lose money if you don’t cancel within a certain time period. You don’t get a refund. So what I decided to do after, unfortunately, having to pay for ticket that I couldn’t use, I decided to wait until the night before when I knew I was going to actually use the ticket then, purchase it. And even if it’s a little bit more expensive it’s well worth doing it that way, instead of just throwing money away. So anyhow, just wanted to share that with you.