Types of Broadcasting Jobs

There are a number of ways to get a broadcasting job. Let me first explain to you exactly what types of jobs are available in broadcasting.

There are some people who have always wanted to be a reporter.  Some of those people find themselves working for newspapers, magazines, online blogging or other types of online publications, making documentaries or others wind up on TV.

All network TV stations usually have a news program.  In some smaller markets, they may not have one, but this is really the exception to the rule. There are news anchors and co-anchors. They are the people you see reading mostly from a teleprompter and delivering the news to you from their studio.

Let me quickly explain to you what a teleprompter is in case you don’t know. This is a device that allows people to look into the lens of the camera (or it appears that way) and see the words that need to be said during the program that have been typed into a computer. As the anchor reads the lines, they continuously shift down so that the anchor gives the appearance of him or her just talking to the camera. This is a great skill to learn for people wanting to work in broadcasting as well as for actors who wish to get booked for on-camera narration jobs. These are the people you see in training, educational or corporate films.

There are also reporters for the news programs who are out in the street covering a variety of stories. Now, I have only discussed the on-air broadcasting positions. There are so many others who are needed to make the shows happen. Here is a list of just some of the other people who work in broadcasting. You might find being off camera is just as much fun as being on camera.

1. Makeup Artist – They are needed to make the on air talent look good.

2. Producers – There are many types of producers who make sure the show happens.

3. Technicians – There are lighting people, camera operators (although a number of these positions are now done without the need of the camera operator physically moving the camera).

4. Announcer – There is typically an announcer for the station who might do everything from doing commercials for the station or introducing a show etc.

So keep in mind, there are many different aspects to getting a job in broadcasting. Good luck with your journey, and let me know if you have landed a job in the broadcasting industry or if you have any additional questions.