Wardrobe Tips for Film, TV and Extra Work

I’ve learned a valuable lesson about wardrobe very recently.

I was on a movie set and one of the extras had two different pair of shoes on. The left shoe was different from the right shoe, and I’m assuming what had happened was: it was a very early morning call, and he went to his closet, just grabbed a pair of shoes, and when he got to the set, then he realized they were two different pairs.

So as a recommendation to everybody, whether you are pulling wardrobe for a film, whether it’s for a TV show, whether it’s for extra work, or even for your headshot, what you want to do is this: make a list of all the wardrobe you want to bring.

Then, you want to start adding all of those pieces of wardrobe into a garment bag and check them off from your list.

Make sure the wardrobe is pressed. Make sure it looks good; you do not want to show up on the set with wrinkled clothing. That way when you get there, you will know that you have everything that you absolutely need and you will not have two different pairs of shoes on.

So anyhow, I hope this is helpful to you in learning more about headshots.