Weight Loss

Hollywood is all about looks. That is why so many actors (especially woman) have to work so hard in order to stay in shape and keep their weight at a specific level. There might be a time where people can be hired based more on their skills then by what their body looks like.

There is another part of the industry where weight is not as much of a factor. It is called Commercial Modeling.

Some commercial models who are doing ads for clothing and swim suites will need to have incredibly toned bodies. But, there are many commercial models who simply look like “real” people.

Many actors and models, both men and women are consumed with their looks. They realize that their looks and size can make the difference between booking and not booking a role.

What some actors don’t realize is that sometimes, not having the perfect body type is what get’s them the job. There are many overweight successful actors.

What is most important is that if an actor or model wants to lose weight, that it is done under the supervision of a doctor or medically trained professional.

Drastic weight loss can be extremely damaging to ones body.

Ever notice that an actor or model seems to “look fabulous” for every job and role? Yet pics of them in everyday life show them looking “normal”. How do they slim down so fast for their job?

There are many different tricks celebrities use to lose the right amount of weight fast. It seems that the greatest trick is finding what works best for you.

The caveat for these tips is that the weight you lose may not stay off, but it will stay away long enough for the job. Here are some classic weight loss tricks from the Hollywood crowd:

  • No Complex Carbs after Breakfast: It is a myth that you cannot eat any carbs when you are trying to lose weight fast. But it is true that you need to cut back and give your body time to metabolize the sugars that result from them. So, have your one slice of toast in the morning, but then call it quits the rest of the day. You can have all the simple carbs you want (fruits and veggies), but dramatically limit the pastas and breads.
  • Weight Watchers: If you stick to the regimen they provide for you, you will slim down fast. You may not be able to sustain eating such a low number of “points” (as Weight Watchers calls it) for more than a month or so, but you will look great in time for that role. Give yourself 14 days to drop about 10 pounds.
  • Get off the Couch: To lose weight quickly, you are going to have to put your body in overdrive. 60 minutes a day of cardio, the very first thing you, before you eat will speed up the process. Find something you like to do, if possible. It will make it easier for you to be consistent. If you just hate exercise, well, too bad. Learn to love it.
  • Eat a little, often: Grazing on small very low fat meals keeps you from feeling hungry and actually increases metabolism. So, plan on eating 6 times a day; but do not eat a lot. If you feel full, you are eating too much. Reduce your portion size. Eat a ton of fruit and veggies and steer clear of animal fats.
  • Alcohol is not your friend:  Say goodbye. You can’t drink it if you want to slim down fast.
  • Sleep: Your body has to sleep to function properly. Get 7 hours regularly of uninterrupted sleep. Amazingly, your body will respond better to your weight loss efforts by getting some serious Zs.
  • Water, Water, Water: Drinking the amount of water your body needs helps it to break down fat. If you are drinking a lot already, good for you and keep up the good work. If you are not, think about how much actual water you drink (not sodas, but real water), and double it. Your body will thank you and you will see the difference.
  • Cut out salt: Forget about adding salt to food or eating salty snacks. It encourages your body to retain water. Goodbye potato chips, movie theatre popcorn, and salted pretzels. Been nice knowing you!

Being a celebrity has its perks, but when it comes to looking great, celebrities work hard and sacrifice. It is no mystery really how they lose weight so fast. They are consistent, consistent, and consistent. They stick with the plan and NEVER cheat. This is how they do it. So, grit your teeth and get ready to sacrifice and suffer a bit. But in the end, you are going to look “mah-veh-lous.”