What Actors Need to Do Before and During Every Audition

One of the crucial aspects of having a great audition is for the actor to create the scene he or she is in during the audition. If the scene is taking place in a kitchen, hallway at school, or walking down 5th Avenue in New York, then make sure people see and feel those locations during the read.

One of the key questions an actor needs to ask him or herself after reading the sides is who is the scene about. If the scene is not about the person auditioning, then is is imperative that the actor auditioning does not try and make it about themselves.

Something else that an actor can do to help understand their character and give a strong audition is to ask the five W’s, while reading over the sides. Who, What, Where, When and Why.

While studying the scene ask yourself; Who are you talking too. What are you talking about. Where is the conversation taking place, When is it happening (time) and lastly, Why are you saying these things.

The more specific the actor answers these W’s, the more interesting the audition will be.

If the actor is auditioning for a film and does not know who the character is that they are reading with, then he or she should ask the casting director, what is his or her relationship to the other character. The scene will be read very differently if one is reading to their sister, daughter, mother, wife, ex-wife, or someone they want to date.

If one is auditioning for a Television show, it is essential that the show is watched. All of the characters should be known by the actor auditioning. Know the pacing and style of the show as well. If an actor is called in to read for a film, he or she needs to find out who is directing the project. It will really help the actor understand the style of the director, which will help during the audition.

It will be easy to learn about the director’s films by searching the director’s name.

If there are any words in the sides that one does not understand or aren’t sure how to pronounce, always ask the casting director before the read.

There are many things an actor should and can do to help prepare for an audition. What I have listed here are a few helpful ideas and suggestions that will give the actor some specific things to think about and an do both before and during an film or TV audition.