What are Audition Script Sides

One of the things that’s really important for people to know in the industry is the terminology. Something that you might or might not be familiar with is called “the sides.”

When you go to a film or a TV audition, you will get sides. Sometimes you can get them prior to the audition, and sometimes you pick them up at the casting director’s office.

The sides is the short portion of the script that you are going to be reading during your audition. When you are on a set you will also get “the sides” handed to you so you can go over your lines prior to and perhaps even during the shoot.

The sides that are given to all actors on the set will not only have the words in the scene, but also what scenes are going to be shot that day. It will also have information about the different characters, their names, who’s working that day, who’s producing, who’s writing, it will have a whole list of information.

It could be everything from what times you’re going to be shooting, what times people are getting picked up from the hotel, what days people start working, when they end, etc…

So anyhow, I just wanted to share that with you. It is important to know the terminology. If you are auditioning for a TV commercial, typically they call that “copy” because it’s like copy to an ad. So, when you go in to audition for the TV spot, you will be given “copy.” For feature/independent or industrial films and television shows the words are going to be called “the sides.”

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