What Emotions and Poses to use at a Go See

I wanted to share with you an interesting experience I had at a go -see in New York a couple of days ago. For this one, I had to make some quick decisions as to what I needed to do in order to give the right look for the camera.

Sometimes we have a little time to prepare and other times, last minute decisions are made.

This was a very difficult go – see because we were given very little information about what feelings the model needed to show. Right before the photographer was about to take my photo, I did what I always do, I asked her what she was looking for?

After I get the details, then I need to quickly figure out what kind of emotions I need to capture, what kind of looks and expressions I want to show the camera.

What I was told was “show nothing,  just look at the mark on the wall.” And that was it.  She began taking pictures from many different angles, close-ups, full body shots, half body, three quarter body shots and two profile shots. There was absolutely no emotion that was being asked for.

So what I decide to do was instead of just giving a blank stare, I was thinking this was for an investment company and I’m just guessing they probably want somebody who is a happy client, somebody who is doing well with the investment company so I created this nice warm friendly fuzzy kind of feel and that’s what I decided to show. There was nothing big, everything was subtle.

So even though I really wasn’t given very much, I had to make a decision based on very little information. My face still looked a little blank, with just a hint of success. It is so important to make a decision as to what expression you want to show. It might or might not be right, but at least it will show there is some life in your face and eyes.

You’re will at least be guaranteed to give an interesting look. So certainly at all go- sees you want to try to get the right information, show them the expression they’re asking for and if you can’t get any or much information then you should make the decision on your own.


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