What Happens When You Book a Job on a Television Show

So after receiving an email after my audition, (which actually took a couple of weeks after the audition) from my agent, stating that they wanted to check my availability for three days on this particular episode, first thing I did was check my calendar very quickly, and was really happy to see that I was not booked out for those dates. That would have been a problem.

And I can tell you about that in another blog video, how to deal with those kinds of situations. But I noticed that I was free and so I contacted the agent right away just to let her know and she said, “Well, you’re not booked officially yet.” Looks like you’re booked, they want you, they wanted to first find out if you were available.”

And then, once the confirmation came in, one of the first things I asked for was – “Can I get the sides?” The audition itself was all improvisational and so I wanted to have the script sent to me, so that way I could read the entire episode. I got it emailed to me.

Things are done a little bit differently today. They just sent a PDF of the entire script. It was about sixty, I can’t remember, it’s like about sixty two or sixty eight pages. Instead of trying to print it out on my own, I forward it to a printer that I use and had them printed it out. It did cost some money to print out sixty eight pages but it looks better and also it’s less wear and tear on my personal printer.

So the very first thing that that I did was I read through the entire script. It wasn’t just looking at my lines. I wanted to get a feel for what’s going on here, who the characters were. I was looking at the names of the actors, I want to see if there’s anybody I was familiar with, and who I was having scenes with. Actually, one of the interesting things was one of the actors I did know about, ’cause I’ve seen her work for years, and years, and years, and years on TV; she’s very well known. Actually, for the other actors whom I wasn’t familiar with, I did not want to look them up.

I did not want to go on IMDB to see what kind of work they’ve done. Honestly, if they had done a lot of really incredible things, I thought it might make me more nervous to know about them. So I actually thought it was better not to know who they were, and read through the entire script a couple of times. I always start off reading scripts from the audience’s perspective as if I were watching it on TV.

Then, after getting a pretty good feel of what was happening then I went through the script, used my highlighter, went through my parts very carefully, just to make sure that I didn’t miss any of my lines that I had to start memorizing. I really didn’t have very much time for this because we were shooting in a few days. I think, I got my sides like Thursday, Friday, something like that and then, actually, we start shooting Monday. So I really didn’t have a whole lot of time to do play with the script.

So anyhow, I just want to tell you, that the next step of actually getting the booking was finding out the specific dates. They didn’t have times for me at that point, and then the next step was going to a fitting and I had to do that on Friday, so I must have gotten the sides on Thursday. So, the fitting was Friday, and there were two different types of fittings. One was for wardrobe and hair.

I’m sorry, I went to hair and makeup for one and the other one was for wardrobe. And even though, I was going to bring some of my wardrobe, they also were bringing some because we weren’t sure whose wardrobe was going to be used. So I don’t want to give out much information about the type of wardrobe ’cause it was something unique and the same for hair and makeup. I probably shouldn’t say anything more about it until after the episode airs.

So anyhow, those were the first couple of steps after finding out that I was booked and in the next video blog, I’ll take it to the next step of what happened during the fittings, and meeting with hair and makeup people, and I’ll fill you with more details at that point.