Your Agent Can’t Get You Booked

Your Agent is not the EnemyI recently had an audition for a film. There were tons of people auditioning for this project. On a side note, it is always amazing to me how many people can talk to other actors right up to the time of their audition and then go in and read. I always separate myself, and find a quiet place to prepare before my audition. I need to concentrate and figure out what I am going to do for the audition.

I thought the audition went well. Not because of what the casting director said to me, but I knew it felt right, and that gave it an interesting angle. Most of the time, I don’t necessarily find the connection between liking my audition and booking the job, but I felt that I had a good day at work.

A few days later, I got an E-mail from my agent saying that I am on right of first refusal for this project. That means that I can’t book any other jobs for that date unless I clear it with my agent. If I were to get another booking or even audition for that shoot date, my agent would call the client and have them either book me or release me for the job. That way, I won’t lose out on another possible project.

I asked the agent how many other people were on right of first refusal. She told me there were only two of us, and the client said that I was their first choice. Two days before the shoot, I got an e-mail from the agent saying that I was released from the project.

So the point is, agents can submit you and negotiate, but they can’t get you the job.


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