Your Audition Does Not Have to Be Perfect

Your Audition Does Not Have to Be Perfect
Your Audition Does Not Have to Be Perfect
It is not unusual for actors to think that their auditions need to be perfect in order to get booked for the role. This concept is simply not true.

Actors need to understand that auditions are not like athletes performing in the Olympics. When an ice skater does not land properly, does not jump in a specific way or slips a little the judges deduct points.

When actors audition, casting directors are not judging them by how flawless the audition was. Here is what they are looking for in an audition.

The most important aspect to your possibly getting cast has nothing to do with your acting skills. Actually, it is your look. If you don’t physically look right for the part, you most likely won’t be considered for the role.

After it has been determined that you do believably look right for the part, then the next step to increasing your chances of getting booked is to make your character come to life. You must also be able to create the atmosphere of where the scene is taking place. Make people believe you are really there. Say the words in a way to make them sound conversational.

If you don’t read things perfectly, no one cares. People understand that when mistakes take place on the set, another take can and will happen. Actually, soap operas are the one area of the business where numerous takes are not generally done. Industry professionals are not looking for the read to be absolutely perfect. They know that you most likely did not have a tremendous amount of time to sit and work on the “sides” (the short portion of the script you are reading for the audition.)

An audition gives the casting director and the director the opportunity to see a part of what you can bring to the character. Your read is not a finished product, but instead a sample of what you can potentially offer.

So, if errors happen at the audition, don’t’ kick yourself. Just try and learn from the experience. We are simply human and making mistakes is part of being alive. What is most important is how you handle any errors.

If it happens, don’t apologize or sulk as you are leaving the room. Always, no matter how the audition goes for you, hold your head held high as if you just gave the greatest performance of your life. Walk out of the room with dignity.